“High Wire”: My poem in The Society

The 2013 edition of The Society, from St. Peter's College, Muenster.
The 2013 edition of The Society, from St. Peter’s College, Muenster.

I love getting mail, especially when it’s a large brown envelope with a magazine that’s published my work. And so this week, I was delighted to find a copy of The Society on the table by the door.

The Society is published annually by St. Peter’s College in Muenster, Saskatchewan, to celebrate “extraordinary work by both established and emerging artists and writers from across Canada.” Whee! Great description! And amazing contributors. (I share a page with Dave Margoshes — what more can I say?)

St. Peter’s College is on the same site as the writing retreat I attend every year or so — I was last there in February for a very productive re-immersion from daily life into the writing life.

And The Society is overseen by an editorial team that include Barbara Langhorst, the 2013 winner of the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry. So I’m triply or maybe even quadruply happy about this.

As for my poem, “High Wire” can be read in the online version of The Society; it’s about eight pages in, on the top left… (Or, at least at time of posting this was online… Please, don’t try to read the image below – your eyes will burn! It’s there for illustration only.)

The page with my poem, "High Wire" in The Society, 2013.
The page with my poem, “High Wire” in The Society, 2013.

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