Shelley Banks

Writing, editing, photography

Shelley Banks  is a poet, editor, journalist, fiction writer, corporate writer, blogger, and photographer. Her new poetry collection, Exile on a Grid Road (Thistledown Press) features her art on the cover.

Poetry, by Shelley Banks
Exile on a Grid Road.
Poetry, by Shelley Banks

Shelley holds an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Journalism, and has lived in Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa — and also in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands — and is now based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

(She’s also a fourth generation Saskatchewan resident, which may seem odd, given the rest of her bio, but so life goes…)

Her work has appeared in leading literary magazines, as well as in newspapers and trade, consumer and corporate publications across Canada.

In addition to extensive newspaper experience, she worked for more than 15 years in senior corporate communications roles.