What Readers Say about Exile on a Grid Road…

One of the interesting — and rewarding — parts about writing a book is hearing from the people who have read it.

And so, a few comments from readers (and gift-givers) of Exile on a Grid Road:

  • Exile on a Grid Road is lovely!
  • I just read your collection and wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought it was. “Too Dry to Wash Betrayal from our Skins” and “Lemons and Leather” left me speechless…absolutely wonderful.
  • Your book of poetry, Exile on a Grid Road, exudes your observations of nature into the all factors of your experiences in life, as does your blog. For me, your title poem, “Exile on a Grid Road” echoes… a search and need to find the key to belonging.
  • Just finished reading your book a few days ago. Powerful material!
  • I don’t know if she reads poetry, but she says she understands most of it. (from a Christmas-gift-giver…) 
  • In the midst of reading and enjoying your book, I came upon ‘In Flight’ and showed it to (…). We’ve just experienced various flights in our travels and that poem kills both of us!
  • I picked up your book at McNally’s the other day. Very impressive – I realized that I have read your short stories but never your poetry. The collection has great muscle – much to admire, though I especially like “Knives”. Strong form – the meaning sneaks up on the reader and packs a brave message without sentimentality. Not easy to accomplish.
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your book of
    lovely and powerful poetry. Wow. It reminds me that I really must read poetry more often.
  • Kudos to you, you wonderful poet! Some of these poems are blowing
    me away.
With thanks to my readers! And enjoy!