Scallop Shells and Creativity

Scallop shell, detail, from an old tin trunk.
Scallop shell, detail,
from an old tin trunk. © SB

While looking for a small image for business cards, I remembered the antique trunk decorated with strips of scallop-shell embossed tin that I’d photographed a few weeks ago.

I have a strong fondness for scallop shells, not only because of my name…

These symmetrical beauties have a long symbolic history, linked — among other things — to fertility, the feminine, the setting sun, pilgrimage, death, new life, and love.

Celtic. Greek. Christian. The Goddess and the Saint: Aphrodite and Santiago de Compostella. (As a former Spanish major, I’ve long wanted to trek the Camino, and Venus/Aphrodite has her own appeal…)

In all of these, I see links to creativity.

And so, I’ve cropped a small detail from that embossed tin image, and placed it on my cards.

Apart from the symbolism, I like the image itself and I remain delighted by my find — an old trunk in a room full of sunlight. (There’s a larger image of the scallops on my photo blog.)

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