Canadian Literature Review: Exile on a Grid Road

What a lovely surprise to see a review of my poetry collection, Exile on a Grid Road, in the journal Canadian Literature this week!

Canadian Literature reviews Exile on a Grid Road.
Canadian Literature reviews Exile on a Grid Road.

It made me happy, so I’m happy to share! (Exile is available from the publisher, Thistledown Press, as well as online booksellers such as McNally Robinson, Chapters and

Thanks, Canadian Literature, and reviewer, Natalie Boldt!


A Sale With My Name On It…

Exile on a Grid Road
Exile on a Grid Road, featured in this year’s poetry week sale by Thistledown Books.

My poetry collection, Exile on a Grid Road, is among books featured at Thistledown Press.

It’s on sale through the publisher this week only (until Dec. 11), and at 30% off, that makes it a bargain at only $9 and change.

(And I am in amazing company for this sale…)

See for more info, and to order online.






Beer and Books

bushwakker books
Join us for the launch!

A local brewpub, The Bushwakkers, has decided to set up a Writers Corner, featuring new books by local authors.

I’ve donated a copy of Exile on a Grid Roadand have been asked to take part in the launch of the library, er, shelf this weekend.

Here are the details, from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild website:

Bushwakker Saskatchewan Library Launch

TIME: 3:00 p.m. — 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Bushwakker Brewpub, 2206 Dewdney Ave, Regina

Bushwakker Brewpub, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Program, will be unveiling a new space dedicated to celebrating the recent works of Saskatchewan published authors. What will begin as one shelf will hopefully grow into a large library showcasing our province’s wordsmiths. Pub patrons are encouraged to peruse a copy whilst enjoying a pint. Enjoy select readings from some of Bushwakker’s patron writers.

Event Emcees will be Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerry Hill and Tracy Hamon, the SWG Program Manager. With presentations from:

  • Shelley Banks
  • Linda Biasotto
  • Tara Gereaux
  • Brenda Niskala
  • Bruce Rice
  • Edward Willett
  • and friends,

Those interested in donating a copy of their books to the Bushwakker Library can contact the Bushwakker Bar Manager, Grant Frew.

(And all are welcome – no charge, but drinking age only, please. I mean, it’s bar…)


Selling books at the local grocery store

Poster for author appearance
Poster for author appearance, courtesy of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild.

Selling books — or trying to — can be both fun and frustrating, as recently came home to me (again) when I joined a pilot book table project at a Regina grocery store.

On the positive side, it was mildly entertaining watching the shoppers pass by, and counting the ways they tried to avoid eye contact with this unexpected specimen between the nuts and flowers, a local poet.

(Simple aversion of glance; sudden rapid movement towards sale items; furtive checking of shopping lists; intense conversations with partners, staff or random shoppers…)

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All Lit Up with Exile on a Grid Road

I’m keeping track of references to Exile on a Grid Road, and so I’m pleased to share the link to All Lit Up, from the Literary Press Group.

Exile on a Grid Road, on All Lit Up. Click to open and read the larger screen shot about this poetry collection.

More about LPG and ALU, from the site:

On All Lit Up, readers of emerging, quirky, and unabashedly Canadian literature can find and purchase the best books this country’s independent publishers have to offer. Curious readers can also browse through our exclusive behind-the-scenes content about the books, authors, and publishers whose work is available on our site. Additionally, All Lit Up serves as a community bookstore for readers with no local option, ensuring every Canadian has access to the literature produced by Canadian independent publishers.


Exile available through McMaster University Bookstore

I’m delighted to say that my first alma mater, McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, now lists my book, Exile on a Grid Road, in the Books by Alumni section of its website — and offers it for sale through the Mac online bookstore (General Books, McMaster Authors).

Screenshot of McMaster Alumni webpage featuring my book, Exile on a Grid Road.

I have fond memories of studying at McMaster back when I was a young undergraduate in the English and Spanish departments — and, especially, of my Canadian and West Indian friends there, so this is a thrill!

You never know who checks what pages, or who finds what where, but it would be great to connect to past classmates, library pals and fellow partiers, if any should stumble over this listing!


Exile at Chapters-Indigo in Regina, SK

This week, I found copies of my poetry collection, Exile on a Grid Road, at the Chapters-Indigo bookstore in Regina, SK.

Exile on a Grid Road on the Canadian Poetry shelf at Chapters, Regina.

Exile is shelved at the start of the Canadian Poetry section in fabulous company with Lorna Crozier’s The Wrong Cat, and others.

(And yes, I know Banks should fall between Acorn and Crozier, and moved my books there after this shot… Although perhaps someone had a very special reason for earlier placing mine right beside Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring?) 


My books in the window at Thistledown Press

While we were in Saskatoon, we dropped by the publisher’s — Thistledown Press — and what a delight to see copies of my book, Exile on a Grid Road, in the window! (Thanks Jackie, Al and Stephanie!)

Yes, there it is… Exile on a Grid Road, in the bottom of the left display.
The poster for our reading, also in the window – and way over at the left, my book, half hidden…