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Join us for the launch!

A local brewpub, The Bushwakkers, has decided to set up a Writers Corner, featuring new books by local authors.

I’ve donated a copy of Exile on a Grid Roadand have been asked to take part in the launch of the library, er, shelf this weekend.

Here are the details, from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild website:

Bushwakker Saskatchewan Library Launch

TIME: 3:00 p.m. — 6:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Bushwakker Brewpub, 2206 Dewdney Ave, Regina

Bushwakker Brewpub, in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Program, will be unveiling a new space dedicated to celebrating the recent works of Saskatchewan published authors. What will begin as one shelf will hopefully grow into a large library showcasing our province’s wordsmiths. Pub patrons are encouraged to peruse a copy whilst enjoying a pint. Enjoy select readings from some of Bushwakker’s patron writers.

Event Emcees will be Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerry Hill and Tracy Hamon, the SWG Program Manager. With presentations from:

  • Shelley Banks
  • Linda Biasotto
  • Tara Gereaux
  • Brenda Niskala
  • Bruce Rice
  • Edward Willett
  • and friends,

Those interested in donating a copy of their books to the Bushwakker Library can contact the Bushwakker Bar Manager, Grant Frew.

(And all are welcome – no charge, but drinking age only, please. I mean, it’s bar…)


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