Prairie Crocuses in bloom

Photo of spring Prairie Crocus flowers
A pair of Prairie Crocuses, along a hillside in the Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan.

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know I have passion for Prairie wildflowers and birds. Spring is the time for new sightings of both: the birds are migrating north, and the Prairie Crocuses — one of our first flowers — are blooming again on our hillsides.

(Yes, we have hills in this part of Saskatchewan; they fall down the sides of our glacier-scrubbed valleys, instead of going up from the flat land, they way they do in other parts of the world.)

I often wish I knew more about our flora and fauna; I get frequent requests for identifications, and would love to be more helpful! But my interest stems from a love of photography — and an enjoyment of rambling outdoors.

I have a camera, a bunch of reference books, and many blog posts documenting what I’ve seen, and that’s about all. I’m not a botanist or biologist, but you don’t need to be either to enjoy nature.

I’ll be posting new photographs of flowers, birds and other wildlife on and  Drop by, if you’re interested. Winter is gone — it’s time to get and explore!


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