Creating a site icon

Blue-eyed Grass — a larger view of the little icon that appears (for me, at least) on the page tabs of this site.
Blue-eyed Grass — a slightly larger view of the little icon that appears (for me, at least) on page tabs when viewing this site.

Wow — that wasn’t so hard!

(Or maybe it was, what with my computer locking up last night, but that had nothing to do with the process of creating a site icon.)

I’ve been wondering lately why my website pages show only a white square on browser tabs, while corporate and other pages display distinctive logos. Ditto, when I save a page from my site to the home screen of my iPhone.

How do they create site icons, I wondered. And today, I discovered that it’s really simple with Photoshop and WordPress.

I thought the star shape of a flower I photographed last year would work well as an icon, so here it is, post-posterizing! I now have a blue-purple starflower logo for my site. (A version of this image is also included in the muted rotating flower images at the left on my desktop site.)

The flower is Blue-eyed Grass, a lovely and very tiny summer Prairie wildflower. It can be difficult to see, as the flowers nestle close to the ground, beneath stalks of other grasses and flowers. But so lovely, up close. (I have a few pictures on my Prairie Wildflower blog.)

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