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My 2012-13 literary project: To attend and document as many Regina writing events (readings, launches, celebrations, etc.) as I can, and post pictures of the writers on my LatitudeDrifts blog.

To date, I have perhaps a 70 per cent success rate…  There are far more book-related events in Regina than I realised when I set myself this personal challenge, and scheduling literature and life at times gets complicated.

However, I believe writers — and the Arts in general — are crucial for our cities, communities and culture. I also believe that they are vastly under-valued and under-promoted… (As an example, the local media rarely attend literary events.)

And so I’m still aiming to record as many as I can.

Note: If you’re visiting this page because I’ve taken your picture at a local reading, my thanks for dropping by! And, to show my appreciation, any images you find of yourself on LatitudeDrifts are yours to use… (But please, let me know if you are using them, so that I can also link back to your websites, blogs, etc.)

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