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Writers and clients connect at
Writers and clients connect at

Hiring a professional writer can save you time and money, and enhance the impact of all your written materials, from articles and reports to newsletters, speeches, web pages and more.

That’s my pitch of the day, posted because I’ve just updated my profile at, a great site run by the Professional Writers Association of Canada to connect freelance writers and potential clients.

You can find my profile on by searching for “Shelley Banks”, or (at time of posting), this link to Shelley Banks will take you directly to my information. (Or, you can click the Contact link on instead to reach me.)

You can also search by location, subject matter and expertise to find other writers in Saskatchewan and across Canada to meet your needs.

As for PWAC, it’s the national association of professional freelance writers; it promotes professional development and standards, and helps writers find business opportunities, among other things.

I’m a big supporter of PWAC, an organization I first joined in the 1990s when I was freelancing in Montreal, and I’ve recently agreed to serve as President of PWAC’s Saskatchewan Chapter. (Yes, we have a thriving group here.)

As a result, I’ll be more directly involved than in the past — for example, I’m looking forward to going the AGM at the 2013 MagNet conference later this spring to meet writers, editors and others involved in Canada’s magazine industry.

So, if you came to this post because you’re looking for a professional writer, please keep me and my PWAC colleagues in mind. Visit Do a search. Hire a writer.

PWAC: A great organization for writers!
PWAC: A great organization for writers!

If you’re here instead because you are a professional freelance writer — or want to be one, consider joining PWAC. (And if you’re already a member, I hope to see you soon!)

That’s it. Pitch done. Thanks for reading!


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